We believe that what we do ministry-wise should flow purposefully out of what we value and love. With this in mind, we focus our energies on, reaching out to our community, teaching the love and truth of the Bible, and sending as many as we can out into the world with the good news of forgiveness and life through Jesus Christ. To accomplish this, we…



Our core ministries include Children’s Ministry, Youth Ministry, Worship Ministry, Small Group Ministry, Women’s Ministry, Men’s Ministry. All of these share a common focus: to help people experience God.



We are a church that really enjoys each other and God. See our calendar in the church bulletin or on our church website for upcoming events.



Small groups, we call them Connect Groups, are central to our ministry plan. These groups focus on prayer and guided discussion-based Bible study. The goal of these groups is to take God’s truth and love and learn together how to incorporate them into our lives. In addition to small groups, each ministry offers various ways to grow and serve.



We believe that the good news of life and forgiveness in Jesus is the most important message in the world. At the Vineyard we encourage and facilitate the sharing of this good news in at least four ways.

  • HEALTH. We strive to be a healthy community that is attractive to people who are seeking a genuine relationship with God and others.
  • TRAINING. We provide opportunities for people to grow in their understanding of this good news and in their ability to clearly communicate this good news to family, friends, and neighbors.
  • MINISTRIES. We encourage all of our ministries to find and implement creative ideas that stimulate the building of relationships.
  • NEEDS. We are always looking for ways to meet not only the practical needs of those within our church, but also of those within our community.  Our partnership with local relief and development agencies like the Pregnancy Resource Center, The Care Giving Network and Forgotten Man/Youth ministries, our periodic mission trips to support one of our missionaries in Central America, as well as our ministry to the disadvantaged at Whispering Pines Mobile Home Community are examples of that.


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